VX Offerings

Public Filings, Private Offerings and Presentations.

Presentation Material

We create multiple pieces of the "Offering" puzzle that investors want to see. We can create customized landing pages, email ads, videos, pitch decks, tear sheets and websites.
Flow through automated integration and component stacking can also augment your communication process.
Due Diligence packaging and third party verification.  We offer bonded services to Issuers  and third party funds.

Documents & Services

PPM's - Reg D Offerings for LLC structures and  Corporations, GP/LP Funding Docs, 506 B&C, 504, 505, Regulation S, Bonds, Operating and subscription agreements. S-1 Public Filings. Supporting Docs - Valuations, Use of Funds Statements, Pro Forma Projections and enhancements.

Speed to Market

VX Offerings can rapidly accelerate your time to market. Filings, Presentations and offering documents are produced within a defined, reasonable time frame given the exercise. You input your data and offering specifics, and we can give you a full presentation and documentation set.

Cost Reduction

You only have so much time and capital. Creating filings, presentation, and legal materials can be costly and time consuming. Doing it in-house takes away productive time. Outsourcing to multiple providers is difficult at best. Our process is crafted to make this barrier free and increase your productivity.

Best Practices

"Best of Breed" filings and PPM's have been downloaded and extracted. This allows us to simulate successful offerings, and apply best practices to your filings, presentations and documents. This advantage empowers you with compliant cutting edge materials that cover what most investors want to see.


We are aware that each document is unique. We always go the extra step to make sure that your value proposition is customized, unique and accurate. Your presentations and documents will be chock full of the information you give us along with our added research.

Due Diligence Portal  

Due diligence portal set up, and post funding services including an automated investor dashboard are available. Ask us about Quarterly reports, newsletters and keep your nvestors informed.

The VX Advantage


As a team we have talent that has worked with E&Y, Ally Bank, Capital One, Amazon, BMW, and Stan Lee Entertainment.


Public SEC filings, Reg D Offerings, Reg A Offerings, Corporations, LLC's, SPV's, GP/LP's, 506 B &C, 504, 505, CF, Regulation S, Bonds, Safe Notes and more.


We ensure you have workable materials that can be augmented.  Our team is always standing by to improve your final product.

A very talented team whose personnel have worked for:

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